Monaco Residency

The conditions, benefits, and the way to apply

Become a Monaco Resident and enjoy the tax benefits, the local weather, the security, the lifestyle and the excellent location in the middle of Europe having Nice airport only thirty minutes away having connections to major cities around the world.

The requirements for Monaco Residency

You will certainly have to lease or purchase a property in Monaco.

If renting, this should be practiced for a minimum of a year and you need to be able to produce a registered lease for the Monaco property.

If buying, you will need to offer proof of ownership.

WWW Relocation Monaco can help with sourcing the rental property or one to purchase and will certainly produce a list of properties for you to see which fit the guidelines you will give us. You will find lots of property companies in Monaco which provide the same homes. This is because the marketplace is really little with a limited availability of Monaco homes for rent or for sale. We deal with a thoroughly selected group of agencies who we feel provide the level of service we want our clients to enjoy. You will certainly need 2-3 days to go to Monaco to see the properties when you have actually made your decision as to when you wish to proceed with the Monaco residency application.

Due to the shortage of Monaco rental properties we recommend that you go to Monaco 1-2 months prior to you wish to start the procedure, when we will certainly select a list of rental homes for you to view, which suit your requirements, like number of bed rooms, specific location, budget plan. You will find numerous property representatives In Monaco providing mostly the exact same properties so we provide a one stop service, we perform the groundwork with chosen representatives to produce the short list of Monaco homes for you to see, for that reason saving your effort and time.

Financing a property in Monaco

We can likewise assist with arranging finance should you wish to purchase a property. Chosen banks will provide approximately 60-70 % of the property value, but will need a deposit or investment portfolio as security to protect the loan. We select the bank/s which provide the most reliable and competitive funding options.

You will certainly have to develop a regional banking relationship with one of Monaco’s numerous banks. You will have to open a bank account in the name of the person(s) who want to make an application for Monaco Residency and deposit the bank account with the minimum preliminary deposit as demanded by the bank. This amount varies commonly from bank to bank. Our Monaco network of local banks have preliminary bank deposit prerequisites from EUR 200,000- EUR 1million. As part of the main Monaco residency application, your Monaco bank will certainly need to issue a bank “attestation” (letter) to confirm that you’re a well established customer of the bank and have adequate funds to support yourself whilst citizen in Monaco.

If you’ve got a Monaco work contract from a local company or you have your very own company in Monaco, you will not require this letter. You will be needed to keep the needed amount with the bank whilst you are utilizing their bank attestation for your residency, both the preliminary application and renewal (see below). We can help in bank choice in accordance with your individual or company profile.

As soon as you have picked your rental or purchase home in Monaco and have either the authorized lease or purchase contract, the appointment for the official Monaco Residency application interview could be made. This interview takes place in the Residents section of the Monaco Police. It will certainly take around 45 minutes and you are going to be required to produce these files for each candidate over 16 years of age.

Files needed for the Monaco Residency Application

  1. Valid passport
  2. Birthcertificate
  3. Marriage certificate/divorce certificate if appropriate.
  4. Certificate from the Authorities in the country (or countries) in which you have lived for the last 5 years. If you have resided in several countries, then you’ll need to have a certificate from each. These certificates may be obtained in various ways, depending on each country. They should not be made more than three months before the residency interview.
  5. The registered rental for the Monaco rented home (at least 12 months) or proof of purchase (legal documents relating to the deal).
  6. A brand-new electrical power contract for the Monaco property in your name.
  7. The Monaco bank attestation/letter.
  8. The finished official Monaco residency application (we assist with all of these).

Monaco residency approval process

Once the residency interview is complete, the approval procedure is going to take approximately 2 months for owners of EU passports. For non EU passport holders, you must first make an application for a French Long-term stay visa type D, which gives you the right to get Monaco residency in Monaco. This French long term stay visa must be obtained from the French Embassy/Consul within your country of residence. It will take somewhere between 1-4 months to get, based on the embassy guidelines in your country of residence. Only once this visa has been approved and placed in your passport can the next phase, the Monaco residency interview take place. Once you have this visa and have had the interview in Monaco, the acceptance procedure for your Monaco Residency is going to take around 2-3 weeks.

In both cases, you could stay in Monaco during the acceptance procedure, and for non EU passport owners, once the French Long Term visa type D has been issued. (This is a very specific visa, it’s not the Schengen/multiple entry/long term visit visa, it’s specifically for obtaining residency).

We track the residency approval process and will inform you of as soon as your residency card has been authorized and provided for collection.

Tax status for Monaco citizens

Summary of tax status for Monaco Citizens for assets located in Monaco. (Property outside of Monaco may be subject to taxes in the country where they are located according to each country’s tax laws).


Monaco Residency application help

WWW Relocation Monaco can help with the complete Monaco Residency application procedure, together with the real estate search for both rental or purchase, banking and the official residency application and documentation requirements.

In case you would like to discuss this further, please call us and we will be happy to assist. [nbsp] The Charges for this one stop service are subject to individual requirements and we will gladly provide a quote based upon your predicament and requirements.

Relocation Monaco are an authorised Relocation Services company through the Monaco Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development. Relocation Monaco are based in Monaco, their site has a great deal of info associated with monaco property rental coupled with fundamental Monaco consumer banking and property help and advice.

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